NVivo 11 is on the way
NVivo 11 is on the way

NVivo 11 is on the way

QSR International have announced the imminent release of an NVivo 11 suite. The release date will be October, 2015 with some pretty significant changes to look forward to. The big change will be the splitting of the Windows product into three editions described as “STARTER”, “PRO” and “PLUS”. 

NVivo 11 – STARTER will be for text base analysis with simple query and visualizations tools available

NVivo 11 – PRO  wil be for researchers using a wide variety of data source types such as surveys and social media as just two examples. There will be new visualizations and an enhanced user experience

NVivo 11 – PLUS  will include all the functionality of NVivo 11 PRO plus social network analysis tools and some really cool innovative research automation features. 

NVivo for MAC continues to add new functionality with every service pack release

NVivo Server will become NVivo for Teams with multi user capabilities for easier administration and collaboration amongst research teams.

You can get full information here and for continued updates from QSR ahead of the October release: www.newnvivo.com

You can register your interest if you wish to receive updates from QSR: www.newnvivo.com/#register-section