This video tutorial explains the process of importing surveys into NVivo, using an Excel file as an example. It covers setting up a survey folder, choosing import formats, and configuring survey data. The tutorial highlights the creation of cases from Excel rows, attaching closed-ended questions as attributes, and organizing open-ended questions as codes.


  • 📁 Setting up Survey Folder: Create a new folder under the data area for the survey in NVivo.
  • 🔄 Importing Formats: Import surveys from various formats such as text CSV files, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, or Excel.
  • 📊 Excel Wizard Setup: Use a wizard to set up survey data from an Excel file, creating cases for each row.
  • 📋 Attributes and Codes: Attach closed-ended questions as attributes to cases, while open-ended questions become codes in NVivo.
  • 🛑 Auto Code Options: In the final step, uncheck Auto code options if Auto coding of themes and sentiment will be demonstrated later.
  • ✔️ Survey Import Completion: Finish the process, and the survey is successfully imported with coded open-ended questions, cases, and classifications in NVivo.
Key Moments
  • Setting Up Survey Folder00:04
    • Demonstration of creating a survey folder in NVivo under the data area, preparing for survey import.
  • Selecting Survey Format01:02
    • Importing a survey stored in an Excel file, discussing the wizard that guides the import process in NVivo.
  • Organizing Excel Data for Import01:55
    • Choosing the tab in the Excel file for import, ensuring proper organization of survey data with field names and unique identifiers.
  • Configuring Classification and Attributes02:54
    • Reviewing NVivo’s setup of folders, classifications, and attributes for closed-ended questions, concluding the survey import process.