Using a Compound Query in NVivo

This video will introduce to a compound query in NVivo. It is arguable the most powerful query in NVivo. The video was recorded in a slightly older version of NVivo, but the concepts and steps are the just same as in newer versions. 


The video introduces NVivo 12’s compound query, a powerful tool for combining different types of queries. It demonstrates joining a text search query with a coding query, showcasing the ability to search for specific text within coded content. The video encourages users to explore the range of options available in both text search and coding queries before delving into compound queries.


  • [⚙️] Compound queries in NVivo 12 join two queries, such as text search and coding queries.
  • [🔍] The video demonstrates searching for stemmed versions of “home” or “house” within content coded with positive attitude and real estate development themes.
  • [🔄] Users are advised to watch separate videos on coding and text search queries to fully understand the options within compound queries.
  • [📊] The compound query allows users to add results to their project and choose specific search locations within files or externals.
  • [🔗] Exploring different ways to join the first and second subqueries is recommended for varied query relevance.
Key Moments
  • Introduction to Compound Queries00:05
    • This video introduces the powerful compound query feature in NVivo 12, allowing the combination of text search and coding queries for advanced analysis.
    • Demonstrates joining a text search for “home” or “house” with a coding query focused on positive attitude and real estate development themes.
  • Executing a Compound Query02:44
    • Walkthrough of running a compound query, showcasing results that integrate a text search within a coding query.
    • Emphasizes the complexity and capabilities of compound queries, encouraging further exploration of text search and coding query options.
  • Adding Compound Query to Project [end of video]
    • Brief overview of adding the compound query to the project, highlighting the flexibility to choose specific search locations within the project.
    • Encourages experimentation with different ways of combining sub queries for customized analysis.