Tutorial 7 – Formatting in Word for Auto-coding – Part 2


In the second part of the NVivo auto-coding tutorial, the focus is on importing and coding three interviews. The presenter demonstrates how to create a new node, named “tutorial Auto coding,” and organizes it within a folder for initial coding. Auto coding is applied to heading styles, specifically heading one for topics and heading two for subtopics, resulting in a well-structured coded dataset. The video emphasizes the importance of document layout and formatting in this straightforward auto-coding process.


  • 🎥 Import and auto-code three interviews in NVivo.
  • 📂 Organize coded content in folders for clarity.
  • 🗂 Use heading styles (heading one for topics, heading two for subtopics) for effective auto-coding.
  • 🔄 Auto coder generates seven nodes with seven references coded.
  • 🔍 Explore the structured coding results in nodes for topics and subtopics.
  • 🖌 Document layout and formatting, including colors and fonts, play a role in the coding process.
  • 🤔 Emphasizes the significance of heading styles in creating and coding content in NVivo.