NVivo Training in Kosovo & Albania

Organisation for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Training for Police in Kosovo and Albania

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We recently had the privilege of following our OSCE  organised NVivo training for Police Analysts in Macedonia for missions in Serbia and Montenegro with 2 X 4 day NVivo workshops in Kosovo and Albania. It was a wonderful experience to bring advanced NVivo training to analysts who undertake such important work . The workshops were well received but nevertheless challenging for police analysts to learn advanced NVivo skills in just a few days. Our sincere gratitude to our hardworking OSCE interpreters: Sedat Shalla and Elvane Bunjaku in Kosovo and Andi Kurti in Albania. The images above are from the Albanian group and are of the presentation of completion certificates at the end of the workshops,.while the ones below are from Kosovo.  Our heartfelt thanks to OSCE and most especially to the Police Officers who in both countries who showed us so much kindness, hospitality, work ethic and above all, their sense of humour which lightened the load throughout the training events. It was a real pleasure to work with you. We look forward to reviewing your progress through our free and unlimited post training  online , one-to-one support system.

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