You can also download a tutorial with screenshots here:

(NVivo for MAC  – Tutorial)


This tutorial explains how to import and set up a questionnaire from an Excel spreadsheet on a Mac using the software Vivo. The tutorial highlights the availability of the auto-coding function from Vivo version 11 and onwards, which allows users to import and properly structure their questionnaire data in a Vivo database. The process involves three rounds of auto-coding, including setting up open-ended questions, cases, and linking demographics to the cases.


  • 📊 Importing and setting up a questionnaire from Excel on a Mac using Vivo.
  • 🆕 Auto-coding function available from Vivo version 11 and above.
  • 📝 Three rounds of auto-coding: open-ended questions, cases, and demographics.
  • 🗂 Organizing data into folders for open-ended questions, cases, and case classifications.
  • 🧾 Properly structuring data in a Vivo database for analysis and coding.