Reply To: Interrater Reliability Testing for Team Projects


Thank you very much for your speedy reply. I am not sure if I completely understand #3 from your previous email “Conduct the test and merge the coders files into yours”. Does this mean that there is an option on Nvivo 8 that allows me to combine works done by different individuals? If it is mergable, will the data look messy in the end, or will it cause confusion? Also, how should this merge be done? Would you please guide me through the steps to merge the files from different coders
as I have not yet experienced that part of the program. Another question I have, is that you mentioned Delete all the old project files and re-issue the master”  could you please explain this a little further please, what consequences would result if I don’t re-issue the master file?
My apologies for series of questions, this is my first time experiencing Nvivo and I real ly would like to understand it more.
Thank you.