Reply To: Problem converting from Nvivo 8 to 9


Dear Austin and Ben,


Austin, thanks very much for your advice. I think the problem with Nvivo on my computer may well have been

a file path issue but I tried the test you suggested (opening a new project file on someone else’s computer

and importing the contents of my project from a USB) but I got the following message: ‘This project was

created in an earlier version of NVIvo. Its format must be updated before import’


I haven't got to the bottom of what was causing the problems with Nvivo on my old computer because IT

services have given me a new computer and NVivo is now working fine on it. My old computer met the

NVvivo specification criteria (3.40Ghz, 1.99 GB of RAM) but it never accepted that my project had been

updated even after reinstalling Nvivo and updating to NVivo 9.2.


In case it is helpful to anyone else on the forum – a colleague of mine had a similar problem with NVivo

crashing when it was saved on a network drive. Her IT services arranged for her to save her project on a

local Drive and installed a SyncToy on her computer so it backs up on the network drive each night. She has

found this worked for her.


Thanks Ben for all your help and advice over the past few weeks – it is much appreciated.


Best wishes,