Reply To: Connecting synonyms together for word frequency


Hi Gearóidín,

You need to change your searching strategy from word frequency searches to text searches. Word frequency searches rely on a thesaurus from a single dictionary while text searches can be run on character strings so can simultaneously search multiple languages.  Therefore you could search for Gardaí OR police and if you “stem” the search, words that share the root will also be found to include “policeman” (English only as there is no Irish dictionary in NVivo). You could run a word frequency search first to explore what’s there and then refine with text searches to group English and Irish words together in the same result.

I’ve inserted a link to provide more information and practical steps for understanding and applying text searches in NVivo 12 for MAC: Click here

I hope this response was helpful but do let me know if you need more information.
Kind regards,