Support Services over Christmas

Support Services over Christmas Holiday Periodchristmas

QDATRAINING Ltd will continue its support services for clients over the Christmas period. We will be working with reduced staff, so please be patient as we will definitely respond within one working day to your queries. Happy Christmas to one and all; and all of the very best for you and your families in 2022.christmas_bells2


  • Christmas Eve – Closed
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • St Stephen’s/Boxing Day – Closed
  • 27th – Reduced Service
  • 28th – Reduced Service
  • 29th – Normal Services
  • 30th – Normal Services
  • 31st – Closed
  • 1st – Closed
  • 2nd January 2023 – Closed
  • 3rd January 2023 – Normal Services Resume